About the Project

Functionality & Technology

The project will be accessible through a portal on the Wanuskewin Heritage Park’s website. Users will be able to interact with two videos - one in English and another in an Indigenous language - for each story/oral history they are interested in. Producing these videos will require high quality video and audio recording hardware, and posting them will require an uploader that can accept SRT files for closed captioning. Users will be able to watch each video with captioning in either language, and will be able to download timestamped transcripts that present both languages side by side. Depending on the length of each video, there can also be tags attached to help users navigate to specific sections. The portal will have search functionality that will provide users with the ability to more easily locate videos of interest to them.

Data, Information, & Content

Videos of community partners engaged in oral storytelling on the grounds of Wanuskewin Heritage Park will be the main form of content accessible through the project portal. Since a major objective of this project is to assist in language reclamation efforts, there will be (as stated above) two videos for each story/oral history. One will be in English while the other will be in an Indigenous language. Accompanying each video will be transcripts as well as information about each presenter and organization they represent.